Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exposure: When it's totally legal.

Chances are you are reading this from any of three current sources, for now “Musings of a Procrastinating Author” is being broadcasted to three different channels. Two are WordPress related and one is a Livejournal account. I will provide all three links below…if you have an LJ account you can friend the LJ blog and get the updates loaded to your friend list every time I post something…or you could just add the WordPress blog to your blogroll if you have an account there, or frequent the blog attached to my official site…it’s all up to you! <—official site blog <—Wordpress blog, can be added to Blogrolls. <—Livejournal blog, can be friended to your account.

And now…for the real update.

If you’ve been following this at all, you may notice that I’ve been MIA for the past, oh, seven months. Truth is I’ve been abroad in Japan since late winter, with very little internet access. The upside to this though is that I got a lot of writing done which makes me quite happy! Now I’m back Stateside and it’s time to get back to my old wind and grind. Hmm.

My writing schedule as of late seems to comprise of two sets of time: Nagnomei in the afternoon/evening when I am my most lucid, and CROSS// late at night when typos and incoherent plot holes are a-ok! Between these two times I pretty much just play Sims 3. And trust me, the next update will be about Sims 3.

Because I…tend to recreate novels in the Sims? And I have no life. Both apply.

Dang, does it feel good to be back!

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