Monday, November 1, 2010

Mindless Porn, and Other Shortcuts.

Wow, it's been about two weeks since I last updated this.  Normally, especially during nano season, I'm right on top of things, but this year alone has done a huge toll on me mentally and emotionally, to the point that even writing is unable to give me an outlet to my more destructive tendencies. But this is not my personal journal, and if you're also following my personal journal then I'm sure you're sick and tired of listening to me whine about shitty therapists, concern trolls, and emotional trauma!  So with that sordid excuse out of the way, let's talk Nanowrimo.
My main issue since my last posting is that I fell considerably behind (because of my ~issues~) and just did not meet my goal of finishing the first draft manuscript of CROSS//Rebirth.  It happens.  The issue that followed though was  I had no idea what to do about Nano.  It was my original intent to start work on Revenge, the first time in the history of Nano that I would start fresh on a manuscript and not be a "rebel" (I hate that term, ugh.)  But I am also close enough to finishing the other story that...well, you know!  

So I bet you're just dying to know what I'm doing.

Well, as of about 1 am on November first, I started writing.  A fresh document on a fresh story.  And not even an hour later I was annoyed because I hate writing sequels!  I hate it because of my own writing issues, mostly because I forget that I have to assume the reader never read the first one and I have to reintroduce all the people and their relationships to each other, the highlights of the previous novel, what's going on with this one and why it's important...all the while molding it into the current story so the reader gets the info without being bombarded by it.  I think the hardest thing is that I don't have closure with the previous story, because it's not finished yet.  So I'm going from all the characters angsting over the world ending and firing bullets at each other to everyone frolicking down the street and offering coffee to each other.  (Okay, not -literally-, but it's a fun image.)  Bit odd, really.  But I'm working on it, and hopefully after the first chapter I can move on normally.  Depending on I figure out what I'm writing about, of course.. 

Meanwhile there's lots of ML stuff I'm doing, such as getting ready for a write-in this Wed. and another on Sunday.  I hope they go well.

And with that, it's almost midnight which means I need to write about another three-thousand, which is about my daily goal at this point, since I'll be absent this weekend and the n ext.  At this exact moment I am confident I will win again, but the way my feelings keep jumping up and down it's also possible I will just break down halfway through. We'll see.