Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 30: The End..cept not really.

It's officially December 1st here on my side of the Pacific, which means another Nanowrimo has come and gone. I'm quite proud of what has gone on this year in terms of my writing. Not only did I get to meet some great people sharing this common venture, but I blasted my old personal record. See my super hot stats below!

Total Words Written: 67,339
Average Per Day: 2,244
Pages: 125 (single spaced, 12pt TNR)

Absolutely nothing shabby about that - another chunk has been cut into CROSS//Revenge and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be happier. I didn't get to write ANY naughty scenes within the entirety off November. Heck, two of the main characters never even interacted this year! (Although they will meet up again quite soon.) Actually, funny story - I've been ranting about no naughty scenes all month, and then the moment midnight hits two of my characters about to get it on. You will be all relieved to know that, yes, I just kept writing until I finished the scene. I earned it, damnit!

This draft is far from over. As a combination with last year's Nano, I have well over 120,000 words, and I feel like the first half of the novel is just now coming to a close. It's right on track to matching CROSS//Rebirth in length, which is surprising me since less actually happens in this story, heh. There are SO many secondary characters that I'm worried readers are going to get confused. Most of them pop up throughout the course of the book over and over, but you know, less is more~

I'm giving myself the rest of the week to keep writing. Don't know about next week yet since it's my business trip and writing is easier than editing during that. But I do need to get back to editing Rebirth if I want to stay on schedule for 2013 release.

Whew. This was the easiest Nano for me yet. It's amazing how much I can get done when I don't have homework!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 27: 60k+ done.

Day #: 27
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 60,009
Total # of Pages: 113

Not only did I manage to break 60k today, but I also wrote over 4k words which I'm preeeetty sure is a record for me. Yeah, I wrote a lot today. Wrote before going to sleep last night, wrote at the local write-in today, and then wrote some more when I got home. It reaaaallly helps that I finally plowed through that "boring" scene and am finally getting to the meatier stuff. I also realized today that my two FMCs only had one interaction in the very first scene and, about 200 pages into this manuscript, still haven't spoken to or seen each other since. Damn plot lines dividing!

My next goal is 65k before the end of the month. Pretty sure I can do it. I really wanted to write 70k this year for nano but it's not gonna happen after the stomach flu last week. Oh well, can't complain!

Also, that stats page cap is freaking me out.

Friday, November 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 25: Validated

So the validator's been up for a couple of days but I haven't used it because I've been a horrible combination of too busy and too sick to care (which is also where the writing went.)But I did validate tonight and lololol the site always gives me 200 more words than Word does.

So, yup. That's officially 5/5 Nanos won now!

Back to writing before bed - November isn't over yet~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pern's Progenitor Dies: RIP Anne McCaffrey, 1926 - 2011

She had badass tastes in animals tbqh.
I'm going to take a break from talking about Nano today to talk about something else entirely - something pretty important to me that I didn't even know was important to me until today.

As most of you have probably heard by now, acclaimed and groundbreaking science-fiction / fantasy (ssh! don't tell her I said that second one!) author Anne McCaffrey has died of a "massive stroke" at the age of 85. I consider Anne to be one of my greatest influences as an author, even though over the years I've found most of her works I once read incredibly problematic if not sometimes outright unbearable as a queer feminist. But when it comes to memorials we're wont to focus on the good, the proud, and the mighty. So here it is.

Even though I recently no longer "enjoy" her works (although I still read many out of nostalgia and habit), to say that Anne McCaffrey had a profound influence on me is a grand understatement. I stumbled into the attic one day during sixth grade, nosing around in my mother's old book collection (in the midst of all my grandmother's lulzy harlequins) and found this super-60s-rific book called "Dragonflight". And there were a lot of others there too, but since that's the one that started them all, well... (Should also note that Patricia A. McKillip's "The Riddlemaster of Hed" trilogy was up there as well, but I've always found that series to just be...trite. And weird, man.)

Anyway, I asked my mom about them and she said that they were her favorite books as a kid. Today when I told her the news she said she was remembering how she first picked up "Dragonflight" at a convenience store on a road trip to Indiana from California with her family back in the 60s. My mother was so into these books that she wrote fanmail to Anne (and got a letter back with a PICTURE that she's since lost, of course) and wrote super shitty fanfiction when she wasn't listening to her BFF's Star Trek porn. She also made all her husbands read the series over the years. Oh, and she's now a fantasy / science-fiction librarian (well, she's a children's librarian who also happily runs those sections) because of Anne McCaffrey. She was kind of a big deal to my mother.

So I read them. I've always loved fantasy and hey DRAGONS ARE COOL, and women authors are even cooler. I read through them all very fast. Yes, all of them. The original trilogy, followed by the "Harper Hall" trilogy (those blow btw), followed by all the other singular books over the years minus a couple I've never gotten around to read. And they're some of the only books I've reread. (I've  never even reread Harry Potter, so there you go.) Not only did I read them, but when I started reading them I recommended them to my reading-minded classmates as well and soon everyone who made reading a hobby in my tiny class (so, you know, all five of us) were reading Anne's works, even if not limited to the Pern series. I have distinct memories of sixth grade bus rides and Language Arts classes and a lot of us talking about lulzy Pern crap.

This was when I was starting to get into writing my own original fiction, and what I was reading at the time heavily influenced my ideas - and since I was reading Anne's books, it followed that I was writing fantasy in a similar vein to hers. And I can't lie...when I was reading "All The Weyrs of Pern" for the first time earlier this year, I recognized a lot of my writing style still in hers. Quick summarizing sentences, snappy dialogue, and men and women who just wanna get down and party under the sheets with each other (well maybe that last one is more me than her, but I'm totally telling you guys she was the one who made me start writing smut. My first love scenes were Anne's, even though they're righteously horrible rofl). Obviously I've developed my own unique style that's all my own since then, but the roots are very "McCaffrey". It's why even though now I don't really associate with her content, I still can't deny she's had the heaviest influence on me over any other author, with Philip Pullman coming in a distant second.

Over the past few years she's more or less disappeared from writing (doing mostly behind the scenes outlining) while her son Todd McCaffrey has taken over the universe. My mother isn't a big fan of his and I admittedly have never tried him. I don't know if I'll ever finish the "series" any time soon. In my world Pern is pretty much the first six books since that's what I had as a kid and that's where my imagination took hold. I never saw eye to eye with her on a lot of things...she was very anti fanfiction (say whut. WHUT. I don't even like writing/reading fanfiction but damn gurl.) and very vehement that she wrote super srs science-fiction. (Yeah k. You keep telling yourself that about your DARGONZ Anne). But when I saw today that she died I knew it was gonna have a weird impact on me. And it has. It's like seeing a piece of your imagination die. Anne McCaffrey defined being a female fantasy author for me when I was first realizing that was the path I wanted to take in my life. She gave me the courage to write my own fiction, to explore creatures and lands that no one else knew, and to write some fucking smut. (I write better love scenes than she does though, just FYI. Also: more lesbians.) And even though all those books were years ago, it's so weird to know that she's not around anymore.

This probably sounds silly, but when I was looking for images of her I saw a lot of fanart and "real art" of her with her dragons, and it made me tear-up. Not for her, but for all of us authors (particular fantasy) authors who live with whole worlds inside our heads that only we ever visit. For a lot of us we use writing to escape the real world and to go where we control what happens, even if for a short time. Seeing those pictures made me hope that one day, when my life is also over, maybe I can finally see these worlds I've seen in my head for so long for myself. It was very comforting.

Rest in peace, Anne. Thank you for all you've done for me. Have the best fucking mating flight of your life - get that bronze, gurl.Also pretty sure the dragons mourn louder for you than they did for Robinton, just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 22: Why write when there's TV?

Day #: 22
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 53,085
Total # of Pages: 100

Awww yeah, it's procrastination time! That moment has finally caught up to me. When I'd rather watch TV shows than do my writing. Well, not really .But I wanna watch TV because it's cold, I'm still a little sick, and thus wrapping myself up in my futon and sweats and sitting in the dark watching crime dramas and lesbian melodramas is the only acceptable thing to do with my downtime.




(in other news, hooray 100 pages!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 21: Still going, minus the infection.

Day #: 21
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 52,057
Total # of Pages: 99

As you can see, I am still writing. I have dedicated the month of November to working on this manuscript so I might as well use it, right? Even if I feel like I'm floundering during some hours I know I want to get as much done as I can this month before it's back to editing next month and I wish I could write more.

I ended up taking the day off yesterday because I caught the 24hour flu. Not fun, and I ended up taking today off from work (which you know, for me, means srs bsnss) but I was clear headed enough this evening to get some writing done. I'm kinda annoyed, because I've been whining about wanting to write an "action scene" for so long, and now I'm in the middle of one and I'm too grody feeling to go through with it. Such is life.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 19: A Winner Is Me

oh, hey.

So today.

At about 11:55 PM.

I punched into the nano site...

55,043 words.

*cue awesome music and such*



 I know I should be more excited than this, but I think I may be getting a cold, which is killing my party times right now. Not much to do about that. But I am happy! I would be happier if my 50000th word was not "had", however.   At least I managed to cross the threshold while writing a flashback sex scene. FINALLY, GRATUITY.

 I will keep going throughout November, though. November is my write write write month. My goal tonight is to finish up this scene so I have a place to start off for the write-in I'm going to tomorrow. I don't think I will be very popular there, though...


Friday, November 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 18: Picking up again

Day #: 18
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 47012
Amount to 50k Goal: 2988
Total # of Pages: 89
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: i don't think there's gonna be anymore this nano...

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: I am my own hilarious topic.

omg do you see that countdown.

My goal is to be finished by this time tomorrow.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 17: STUFF

Day #: 17
Words Written Today:
1988 (loooool)
Total Words Written: 45,010
Amount to 50k Goal: 4990
Total # of Pages: 86
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: killin' myself here.
Drive: typetypetypetype.

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: [RESOLVED] Stats Page/Word Count Update Problem? [Updated 11.16.2011 9:22 PM EST] HEY YOU SEE THAT DEAD HORSE OVER THERE? YOU SHOULD BEAT IT.


I just wrote the most bizarre characterization scene I have ever writtten.

Characters that should not be crying are crying and characters that should not be putting out are putting out.

What's going on with this manuscript. idek.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 16: The Stats Counter is serious business.

Day #: 16
Words Written Today:
1999 (loooool)
Total Words Written: 43,022
Amount to 50k Goal: 6978
Total # of Pages: 79
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: -_________-
Drive: That scene nearly killed me.

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Overachiever's Distress Thread Is this me? I don't even know.

I got stuck on the last scene for the 16th and barely made it, only to find out that the stats page at the site is all facked up right now anyway. Oh well.

A new monster has made its way into my apartment, determined to prevent me from getting any serious writing done: the cold. Yeah, it's cold here now. I'm too cheap to turn on the heater and for the most part it doesn't bother me so long as I stayed bundled up, but, you know, extremities! Luckily I don't need my (freezing) feet to type but I do need the hands. Thankfully when I type a lot they heat up - and plus my laptop is well, on and warm - so it's not bad, but tell that to my feet who are annoyed that my hands are not as cold as they are. I think it's time to bust out the blanket and throw it over my poor feetsies. They aren't happy~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 15: Halfway~

Day #: 15
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 41,023
Amount to 50k Goal: 8977
Total # of Pages: 79
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: it's in the outlines omg~
Drive: I really wanna  finish this scene~

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Things in an office building you could shoot with a gun and make explode: Go! omfg.

I'm thinking 2k a day will be the norm this week. Writing 3k is just not feasible because I just don't have the time to do it, and that's cool. I do have to, you know, eat and shower somewhere in there. Oh and work. And and the commute. Always that pesky commute.

My outline is now way behind what I'll get to by the end of November, but at least I'll never run out of things to write about. Also, in slightly related news, my blog has just capped 20,000 page views. Not too shabby.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWrimo 2011, Day 14: 2 looks like 3 sometimes, okay...

Day #: 14
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 39,056
Amount to 50k Goal: 10,944
Total # of Pages: 75
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: OH WE'RE GETTIN' THERE~
Drive: Please with myself that I managed to show and not tell somewhere.

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Bored of writing sex scenes. Is this real life?
Only 2k today, and I'm cool with that. Had to do some other things with the 14th that cut into time writing the extra 1k. Oh well! I'm so far ahead at this point that I can spare it without much thought. I do plan to cross 40k tonight though!

I also have my excerpt up on the site. It blows, just like we all know it should.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaNoWrimo 2011, Day 13: When things pick up speed again

Day #: 13

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 37,019
Amount to 50k Goal: 12,981
Total # of Pages: 71
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: Somebody thought about it...
Drive: Ready to punch all my characters and shitty writing tbh.

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Grammer Complaint Because it's important that, as authors, we inform other authors how much we're technically better than them.

First of all, I just updated to the most recent Firefox and my eyes are all confused. And I'm still ignoring Scrivener although, now that I think about it, it'll probably be a really great tool to use for writing my upcoming Hubpages starting next month.

Writing is coming along as usual. Back in full force today. Most of you I know are already done, so congrats to you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Days 8-12: well oops.

Day #: 8-12

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 34,034 (ahahaha)
Amount to 50k Goal: 15,966
Total # of Pages: 66
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: WHY DO I PROMISE MYSELF THESE THINGS D:
Drive: Renewed

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: not today, sorry kids.

Woah, I disappeared for almost a whole week! Well, I didn't really "disappear". I was still "here". Kinda. Nanowrimo still happened in my life (as you can see from my *cough*impressive*cough* wordcount) but I wasn't able to blog about it because I was on my monthly business trip...and although I get internet at my hotel, my little computer just can't handle working on a 60 page document AND loading blogger crap. It just doesn't happen. And obviously the novel took precedence over blogging. Who knew!

But yes, I still managed to write 3k a day, which is quite a feat! Especially with the tiny slow as hell computer and - gasp - TV! So much Law & Order. So little time to read the Japanese subtitles and feel good about myself. (FUN FACT: the kanji for "cause of death" in Japanese is literally 'death problem". I had fun with that.) I did, however, take a nice and well deserved break with no writing at all today (Saturday). It's now Sunday though, but I'm counting "today" until I go to bed. Writing resumes tomorrow, right here with my big laptop and my cold as ice apartment.

In other news, I've downloaded the free trial of Scrivener and am giving it a whirl. Tried the tutorial but it's so boring I quit after ten minutes. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm actually not nodding off to sleep. I'm mostly interested in compiling the research materials - I have no need for a new processor and thus far am not impressed with how the "compiling" works. But I'm a stubborn woman who's been doing the same hat with Word(backwhenitwasWordpad) since 1999. It would take Scrivener moving a mountain to convince me to use it as a word processor.

And now, bed!

Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 7: Self-Doubt settles in..

Day #: 7

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 22,073
Amount to 50k Goal: 27,927
Total # of Pages: 42
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: :(
Drive: Overly-Critical

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: to and too because you enjoy seeing people be horrible to each other.

Good lord, it's here.

The self-doubt.

I don't necessarily go through this during every nano, or even every draft - but this one is taking a lot of that right now. I've been reading what I write as I go along and just, wow. There is a lot of dialogue. And since it's a first fly-by draft it's utter, UTTER crap. Obviously that's what first-drafts are for, but that doesn't mean seeing yourself type your authorisms over and over doesn't make you groan about the editing to come.

This  story in general has been giving me some problems. The main one is that this is a "transitional" novel that sets up the one after it in the series. I can't skip the events in this novel because the third novel will make no sense without it. And it's way too much to combine with the next novel. It's actually not the plot that so much has the's mostly just...there's something missing. You know. That "missing" element. It's like there's one overarching plot point that I don't have yet that I DESPERATELY need. It's been coming along and getting better, and I know where the series will be at the end. But I always know where I'm going. It's the getting there part that's a pain in the ass for me.

My main problem is that there isn't many action scenes in this novel, and they're all spread pretty far apart. I don't mind that much, except for the first novel had a lot more driving action in it. This one is mostly a revenge-chase plot as opposed to Magical Item Collecting While Bad Guys Fight You For Them plot. S'how it goes. Everything will work out, but right now I'm just like...blah. I  just gotta keep pushing on and hopefully that Missing Thing will pop out sooner rather than later. 'Cause right now even I'm a little bored with what's going on. (I think it's because all the juicy stuff happens in the second half of the novel and this nano finished up the first half. Also, one of my antagonists is having a mid-life crisis all of a sudden and doesn't wanna antagonize anymore.) I think my worry is mostly that, as it is, if a reader comes otu of the first book and then reads this one, they'll think "wow, this is so boring compared to the first one". Like I said, I'll figure it out, but that doesn't mean I won't freak out about it first.

Yay! Also, business trip this week! I hope I get writing done =(

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 6: 20k feels more momentus than 25k does.

Day #: 6

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 19,188
Amount to 50k Goal: 30,812
Total # of Pages: 37
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: :(
Drive: Average

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: #Occupy Nano - A Brief Manifesto y hallo thar.

No Check-In this week, because I don't need to do one! I've been checking in every damn day!

For some reason I get way more excited about breaking 20k words than I do 25k. Maybe it's because 20 has that nice round 0 in it. 25 is half of 50 but it doesn't seem as cool to pass. Then again I consider every increment of 10k as pretty damn celebratory this month since my goal is way beyond 50k. (I think I may be shooting for 75k this year, although I'm not holding myself to it. It will depend on how writing during my business trip this week goes.)

I've been thinking lately about how I'm going to be making money (with my writing, no less) come next spring when I leave my current day job and move back to America. One thing I've been thinking about is starting some Hubpages and focusing on affiliate marketing. Obviously that's something that takes a while to build up so you're actually making money that puts a dent in bills, so that's why I'm thinking of starting next month when the Nano pressure is off. I'm probably going to start with music hubs, especially specific ones like Japanese artists. Basically, anything I'm pretty sure I know what the hell I am talking about. Woo!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 5: Write-Ins are the most unproductive events ever.

Day #: 5

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 16,004
Amount to 50k Goal: 33,996
Total # of Pages: 31
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1 (still, I need to step it up.)
Drive: In denial

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Please give me a very bad disease. Just for the title alone.

(Somebody contact my mother and tell her to stop calling me right before midnight. Seriously.)

Today I went to the write-in Nagoya hosted at Mondo Lounge. I'm impressed with myself for being able to find it on the first try without getting lost at all! I was the second person there  but more people came later, and the ML brought brownies~ There was also popcorn...and wine, but I wasn't in the mood so I passed on that.

I got  a whopping 500 words done in the two hours I stayed. Mostly because you know, when you get a bunch of people together, we're going to talk. A lot. Or at least in my case I'm going to listen if I'm not talking. And it didn't help that I had no idea what I was trying to do with the scene I was on.

Back to my regularly scheduled writing. Still aiming for 3k a day. And I have the next two days off. Easy peasy...right?

Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 4: "HIIII IT'S MOM :D"

Day #: 4

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 13,002
Amount to 50k Goal: 36,998
Total # of Pages: 26
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1 (still, I need to step it up.)
Drive: Back on track.

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: 300 Ways To Say Said Said-bookisms wank? YES PLEASE. (Also, new dare for all you nanoers...have a character "ejaculate" some dialogue. Please?)

As you can see, I got caught up to my goal! (Apparently my goal is 3k a day this year. Who knew?) Almost didn't though. At 11:15 my mother called me on Skype and it was almost the end of the world as we know it. But I got to see my kitty and that's totally worth it, right? RIGHT?

I broke 13k at 11:58. Lord.

Tomorrow is the one write-in I'm attending this year in Nagoya. I've never been to the place where it's at before, but when you've lived in Japan three times you get pretty savvy at finding places. (Especially when part of your job is...aimlessly following maps trying to find places.) Luckily the place is a used English book store and they have a website in English with glorious directions in English (although I'm pretty savvy at Japanese directions now.) The ML said something about baked goods and uuuuh yes please. Hope they don't mind me showing up with all my shopping goods because any trip to Nagoya means two things 1) CD shop + 100 yen store and 2) POKEMON CENTER OMG. Especially since I just got paid last week and haven't done much yet. So expect tomorrow's post to be all about the write-in!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 3: Type-blocked

Day #: 3

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 9017
Amount to 50k Goal: 40,983
Total # of Pages: Two lines onto 18.
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1
Drive: Frustrated

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Funny Things Which Happened To You During Sex (NSFW OBVIOUSLY and no I didn't add my own even though I have a pretty spectacular one. With my luck somebody I know is lurking there and my handle is my name trolololol.)

As you can see I did not meet my 10k goal for the third.  (I barely made 9k! Seriously I hit it ten minutes before midnight). This is because I had to go to bed early last night for an ~early~ staff meeting today, and then afterwards I took a nap until it was time to go to work. Then I didn't get back until 9:40 pm and had to cook dinner...well, you see~

Not too worried though. I'm at a pretty interesting part so I should be able to bam out another 1k tonight without much problem (and hopefully more). Right now everyone's having a reunion with their ex-girlfriend (yes, singular) which is always Super Happy Funtimes.

I am getting a bit strained with my soundtrack music thus far this year. Been listening to a lot of Akina Nakamori and while she's absolutely amazing, I made the mistake of listening to her latin-pop album first today and almost couldn't concentrate over all the erratic (and horrible) beats. Oh dear.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 2: You want a backrub? Lol no. Get back to writing.

Day #: 2

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 7035
Amount to 50k Goal: 42,975
Total # of Pages: 13.75
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1 (in total now!)
Drive: Tired

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: So how do you flirt with a girl? idk, why don't you come ask me??

Blah. Well, I'm tired, what can I say? Even though I know what I want to write I'm still sitting here yawning because of my (once again!) whacked out sleep schedule. Tomorrow will be even worse as I have to get up early for a staff meeting in the morning. But that's how it goes. Hoping to reach 9k by bedtime but I'll be happy with 8k.

Nothing exciting has happened yet, if you don't count the alluded-to sex. But there's nothing omgyay! so I don't really count it. :( Actually, this whole installment doesn't have anything graphic in it. Just lots and lots of tension and teasing. My goal is to have the reader throw their book at the wall when it''s over while screaming "WHY HAVEN'T THEY JUST DONE IT ALREADY MAN?!" Yessss. Yesss I am evil~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 1: 1667 Words Go By Quickly

Wow, that's a lot of numbers in that title.

Here, have some more!

Day #: 1

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 3552
Amount to 50k Goal: 46,448
Total # of Pages: 6.5
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1 (kinda)
Drive: Stable

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic?! Acceptable in some cases? (or, "This is really serious, you guys. Time to rage quit reading and give arbitrary reasons I've over thought.")*

So far so good for Nano. I always start off pretty strong though, but I've got a LOT  of downtime this week so I hope to keep it up for at least the first week here. The reason why I didn't do so well last year when I was unemployed is because...well, it was a rough time in my head.  And every other time I've done this before was during college. So I have some hope for being really productive this year!

Thus far I've finished one scene (that started with a lesbian sex dream and ended with frantic phone calls in a public restroom and am almost done with a second. I hope to finish both the current scene I'm on and reach 5k by the time I go to bed tonight. I've been cosmically blessed with some really solid ideas of where to finally take this particular book and I'm stoked to just keep writing. However, this is my first time ever fighting the "inner editor". Probably because I've been so deep in editing these past few months. I keep looking at some things I write and think "ew. I'm gonna hate myself later when I'm editing this hot mess." But I remind myself that it's the first absolute draft and thus it will massively suck. Yay!

How y'all doin?

*You all can take "?!" from my cold dead hands. Also I can't take the interrobang seriously even if I do usually root for the underdog.