Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 3: Type-blocked

Day #: 3

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 9017
Amount to 50k Goal: 40,983
Total # of Pages: Two lines onto 18.
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1
Drive: Frustrated

Today's Hilarious Forum Topic: Funny Things Which Happened To You During Sex (NSFW OBVIOUSLY and no I didn't add my own even though I have a pretty spectacular one. With my luck somebody I know is lurking there and my handle is my name trolololol.)

As you can see I did not meet my 10k goal for the third.  (I barely made 9k! Seriously I hit it ten minutes before midnight). This is because I had to go to bed early last night for an ~early~ staff meeting today, and then afterwards I took a nap until it was time to go to work. Then I didn't get back until 9:40 pm and had to cook dinner...well, you see~

Not too worried though. I'm at a pretty interesting part so I should be able to bam out another 1k tonight without much problem (and hopefully more). Right now everyone's having a reunion with their ex-girlfriend (yes, singular) which is always Super Happy Funtimes.

I am getting a bit strained with my soundtrack music thus far this year. Been listening to a lot of Akina Nakamori and while she's absolutely amazing, I made the mistake of listening to her latin-pop album first today and almost couldn't concentrate over all the erratic (and horrible) beats. Oh dear.


  1. Funny things that happen during sex? I may have to read that. Or possibly tell the story of the cat that attacked my junk.

  2. You mean to tell me you busted out 9k in 3 days? Dang girl - NICE!

  3. 1k an hour is my hour when I'm not letting myself get constantly distracted, so nano is basically an excuse for me to show off, lulz.

    There's a friend on my LJ who wrote 12k in one day. I can't.


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