Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh goodness. Camping.

Camp has started on my side of the pond. As it approached I felt less and less like to do it, granted my other pressing writing projects, but once midnight rolled around I decided to give the new story a spin anyway...and i ended up writing 1851 words in an hour! Now, I currently do not have internet at my place, so that probably explains why...Regardless, now that the muse is stoked I may be able to finish Camp this year at any rate. But if I don`t I wont`t feel too bad about it, and it will be good practice for the actual Nanowrimo coming up soon enough this November.

As for what I am is one of two prequel stories for the CROSS// series, this one focusing on the main characters in their original incarnations.  I`ve been needing to write this story simply because I need to collect all my data and notes into one file that I can reference for the main story...damn, does it ever help to know the direction your characters are going in when you know where they are coming from!  But it`s the first time in a long,long time I am writing a story that I have to make up governments and geographies as I go along.  I have not done that since the earlier Nagnomei days.

So, just checking in to say that I am doing camp! Is anyone else doing it this month?  Did you do it last month? Or am I aaaalll alloooooone? ;)


  1. I did the July camp and I'm starting August's novel tonight. My enthusiasm has waned a bit since July 1st but I really want to see if I can do two 50k months in a row.

  2. Dan, Ithought about doing both months as well, but my work schedule for July was so convoluted that it made no sense to try (such as being on two business trips! oye.) It works out for August for me though since I've lost internet at my place and now can't be too distracted, haha.

    Congrats on finishing in July though, and best of luck in August!


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