Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello from a stranger, indeed.

Hello to all of my new followers thanks to the platform campaign going on! Glad to have you here! In the wake of such an event I've finally greenlighted the About Me page of my blog so you can actually see that I'm human and not an's copy pasta'd straight from my website, because self-plagiarizing is awesome you guys (is that even actually possible? Ha.)

Just so I'm not totally taking up your time, have some pictures of my cats, because I currently live across the ocean from them and haven't seen them since early April...I miss my cats, okay.

Oh goodness do I miss peeling my ripe Hannah Banana :( I can feel the dust coming off her from across the Pacific.   

I miss my baby Lina :(


  1. This campaign is turning out even more awesome than I expected.

    I'm in your UF campaign group. I'm also a Japanese Studies major (Although my minor is in linguistics.), and I lived in Japan until fairly recently. Oh, how I miss Lawson. And going to concerts.

  2. It is a very curious thing that you have a cat with glowing, blue eyes. You might want to check to see if there's any hidden runes in her fur somewhere.

  3. @Leah: concerts are pretty much what save my life here. Although they are quite expensive and nobody good comes to Nagoya except for in the middle of the week when I have to work.

    @MyTricksterGod: She is rather special, I will give her that.


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