Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Writing Check-In: Countdown to Productivity

Well I dunno about you folks, but I'm ready for Nanowrimo. I mean by this time next week I'll be whining about how I ~dun wanna~ and ~dun have time~ but you know, I'll get it done and I'll feel pretty awesome by the end of the month.

That said, Nanowrimo finally has their buddy system up working again, so you should add me! My profile is here. Looking forward to seeing you over at the Nano side!

I've spent the past couple of days eating dinner in ~restaurants~ and getting a little outlining done for Nano, so I'm not, you know, freaking out more about what scene to do next instead of writing. I'm pretty happy with where it's going so far in terms of plot and character development and am pretty happy that I'm not as worried as I was at this point last week. I was kinda thrown for a loop, however, when I went over a scene and realized that...two of my characters are going to interact in a way that I was NOT expecting to happen until the next book in the series. I tried everything I could to make them, well, not do that little nasty (it's pretty tame, okay. OKAY?) and still have it be believable, but yeah, I couldn't come up with a way. I finally just accepted that, hey, my characters wanna make out a little. It's cool. Gonna totally SCREW UP their interactions for the rest of the novel, but my job as author is kinda to diffuse that, now isn't it...

Otherwise, I'm wrapping up October some last minute editing. Word and I are currently having a great grammar check disagreement: it says Chapter 6 of Rebirth is 5 percent passive, and I'm saying it's 100 percent bullshit. I don't even know where it's getting these supposed passive sentences from, except from maybe dialogue and idc about that.

skfjdkjlkfa I am ready to write on the Mother Ship here. And that is always a good feeling.


  1. I swore the title of this post was Countdown to Procrastination the first two times I glanced at it.

    There should be a Complainer's Lounge in the official Forums.

  2. I'm excited for it and positive I'm a tad insane, as I'm also trying to start my own business and this month is going to be [hopefully] a busy one there as well.

  3. @Dan - serious wishful thinking there :P

    @KCarey - Wow, good luck with that! Sounds intense @_@

  4. Don't forget to equip your shield, it'll take a big one to block writer's block.


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