Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I always need more to do. Always.

Anyone who has known me for oh, more than a few months knows that I'm always coming up with new projects that I want to explore, even if it seems like I'll never have the time to do them. And most of the time they do kinda fizzle out, whether from a lack of my interest or other people's. That all said, I'm getting another idea but am not sure what I want to do with it yet.

I have an idea for a writing blogfest that would center around writing scenes about relationships of various pairings, mostly because that's the sort of situation I enjoy writing the most. It would also give authors a fun chance to maybe write some romance out of their usual comfort zones. Of course there would be prizes (even though I'm not sure what yet) but I would probably need a co-host and other judges and all that jazz. So if anyone is interested, let me know, and if anyone else has been thinking of hosting a blogfest with whatever topic let me know too! I once participated in a  couple with my old defunct blog and they were rather fun. I've been looking to join a couple recently as well, but either they don't pique my interest or I don't find out about them until they're half over. Oops.

IN OTHER NEWS....Nano starts one week from today! I've decided, for the first time ever, to chronicle my progress every day. If nothing else it'll be a good kick in the pants.  I've even come up with the format I'll be using, although if I have time/the drive I'll make another Nano related section for it. Maybe. We'll see~

Anyway, here's the template I'll be using for blog posts in November!


Day #:
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written:
Amount to 50k Goal:
Total # of Pages:
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes:

Obviously I may be adding more as stress mounts and I wonder how I'm gonna finish my fifth year of Nano. Well, I know the answer to that. More sex scenes. IT WORKED BEFORE (and some of them made the cut in the end anyway! I win!)

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  1. If I had a Genie, I'd wish that I'd have enough concentration and will power to actually finish projects I start.
    The "newness" of starting something is so exciting, but then the drudge of hard knock labor kicks in, and then you realize the real world dun make things easy.
    Sacre bleu!


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