Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Camp is back! The return to space pirates and general lawlessness is at hand!

Recently I've been hankering to work on the first draft of Process again, because I don't have enough to be working on already as it is. Process was the draft I started back in Camp Nanowrimo August 2011. It's the first of two prequel stories in the CROSS// series, and there are a lot of differences in how I write/tell it than I do the main series:

  • Process is in third-person limited (with three POVs) as opposed to omniscient. 
  • It takes place entirely on another planet without any sign of Earth hanging around.
  • The main characters start off as teenagers as opposed to, oh, 30.
  • Lots of gratuitous violence, sex, swearing, general space piratey/mercenary stuff that I don't otherwise ever write to such extremes.
 It's a very different approach to writing all-around for me, so when /I want to write it, I really want to write it. Which has been lately. Of course I have no time to work on it at all, so I've just been reading / editing a little on the 80 pages I wrote last August.

Then I decided to see how Camp is shaping up this year, assuming it was going to be in July and August, like last year.

Well, I was wrong! Camp Nanowrimo is taking place in June and August, which is great! I've already signed up for June and can't wait to add another 80 pages of this crap. I'm not going to think about it more until Mayish though, when I'm settled back in America fruitlessly job searching getting my American life back together. Or something.

Anyone else doing Camp this year? Here's my profile.


  1. Ooo, I loved camp last year! I'm not sure if I'll do it again this year - you know, bugs and such. But June might actually work better. :) Thanks for the head's up! And good luck!

  2. I'm planning on doing June and August this year. No idea what I'll be writing yet, though.


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