Friday, January 4, 2013


Finally, it's out! The first of a two-part story, "NANPAKAI." is probably my ~raunchiest~ title yet. But still with that romantic twist, of course.

It also introduces a new character, Jun Isoya, who you'll be seeing a LOT more of this upcoming spring! (oooh what does that mean~)

Check out the blurb below!

"As a belated birthday present, Aiko’s girlfriend Reina takes her to the largest lesbian nightclub in town. Rowdy, drunk women aren’t exactly on Aiko’s list of “great birthday gifts” however, until she discovers the club’s dirty little secret - it’s actually a “nanpakai,” or a place for picking up women for some quick, casual fun centered around exhibitionism. With the mission to become a seductress for one night, Aiko sets her sights on an out-of-towner. Will their encounter be the envy of every other woman watching, or will Aiko discover she’s not cut out for the life of a nanpa?"

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  1. Good luck. I love your covers by the way esp the way the models seem to be caught mid-movement.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I always try to make a point to pick dynamic cover images. There are some lovely ones I could use out there, but they have no energy!


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