Thursday, December 8, 2011

I can't believe it's time to think about this ALREADY.

(no picture today because I'm on the little netbook and it can't handle that shiznit.)

They've just announced over on the Nanowrimo forums the coming of Camp Nanowrimo in 2012, for the months of June and August.

1) Yay! I was hoping it was happening again thsi year!
2) Hm. No July. (because of too many tech difficulties this year, apparently.)

Actually, this works for me. Well, August will again anyway. And I'm sure to continue writing CROSS//Process like I started writing last Camp (and had a lot of fun doing because it was different while being the same familiar territory of past Nano ventures.) June will, however, be totally up in the air cause I have no idea if I'll be settled back into my American life already since I'm moving at the very beginning of May. If I'm still at home I'm sure I can do it, if I'm in the midst of moving and trying to find a job...I may have to pass this next year. But I waaaant to.

Of course, I also have the editing to do. Since I have a publishing date goal of 2013 then I really need to get this thing edited and off to betas. Sigh. Such is the writing life. Maybe I can get this edited and off by the time camp comes so I can do that while I wait. Yay!

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  1. I'm glad they're giving us a month off between camps. Two months in a row was too much for even my mighty brain. I'm working on some ideas but hopefully I'll write them before then.


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