Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh goodness. Camping.

Camp has started on my side of the pond. As it approached I felt less and less like to do it, granted my other pressing writing projects, but once midnight rolled around I decided to give the new story a spin anyway...and i ended up writing 1851 words in an hour! Now, I currently do not have internet at my place, so that probably explains why...Regardless, now that the muse is stoked I may be able to finish Camp this year at any rate. But if I don`t I wont`t feel too bad about it, and it will be good practice for the actual Nanowrimo coming up soon enough this November.

As for what I am is one of two prequel stories for the CROSS// series, this one focusing on the main characters in their original incarnations.  I`ve been needing to write this story simply because I need to collect all my data and notes into one file that I can reference for the main story...damn, does it ever help to know the direction your characters are going in when you know where they are coming from!  But it`s the first time in a long,long time I am writing a story that I have to make up governments and geographies as I go along.  I have not done that since the earlier Nagnomei days.

So, just checking in to say that I am doing camp! Is anyone else doing it this month?  Did you do it last month? Or am I aaaalll alloooooone? ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"" makes me wish I had come up with the idea, news at 11.

One (hardy har) of the links I've seen floating around the writing world as of late is that of, a prompt site that gives you "one word" and a minute to write everything you can about it.  While prompt sites are not unique in themselves at all, nor is the idea of using "one word" to garner inspiration, this is the first time I've seen a site that combines both and also publishes what viewers have written (as well as including the damn timer!) I admit I've been having a bit of fun on it for the past few days. Here is my latest one word, one minute masterpiece~

Prompt: "expecting"

I was expecting nothing less from such a prompt. Usually it's some vague, or a noun that makes you go "wait, what, what am i supposed to write about that?" but the prompt "expecting" is quite easy. I simply write about what I was  expecting from a prompt. Oh, God, I think I'm running my brain into a circle.  Is this the part where I see forever? Or is this the part where I just get up and go get some cookies because I broke my brain again and it's time for cookies? I dunno. I wasn't expecting that.
 Pulitzer now, please.

(psst, post your own results in the comments please, I must be amused!)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

brb going camping.

Stop. Mocking. Me.
Okay, so I'm not really going camping. That would be silly. We all know Hildred doesn't go outside without whining a whole lot about it. Besides, camping sucks. There's like...bugs. And no electricity. And it's during those grossly hot months.  And you're expected to squat and pee. NO THANK YOU.  Instead I'll be doing my camping online this summer, because I've just officially signed myself up for Camp NaNoWriMo!

I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of it.  It's been pretty hush hush until the site was unveiled a couple of days ago. Basically what it is is...Nanowrimo in the summer! I think the goal is to be able to run it all year round so you can essentially choose what months you want to nano in if November sucks for you, but for now it's in beta for July and fully functional in August.

Well, of course I signed up. I've got nothing better to do with my time outside of work - lol what like i have friends.  It'll be good for me anyway. I've been so deep in editing lately that I really need to just write again before my brain turns to mush.  So, for Camp Nano, I will be starting a totally new novel once more.  I will be working on the first of two planned prequel stories to the CROSS// saga, this one in particular focusing on the original incarnations of our heroes. The reason why I want to write it now is because I really need to get a lot of this backstory down on paper for my own reference if nothing else!   I'll only be doing the August session, however, because July this year is super busy at work for me and I want to keep editing for now since I'm on a roll with it.

If you would like to be my camping buddy, feel free to add me as a friend! My link is below!

At least with this kind of camping I can't get any sun burns...