Friday, August 16, 2013

Update On Everything, Plus Japan

I've been terrible lately about updating around here. It's been what? At least a couple of weeks? I have no excuse other than work in general eating up my time. Since I got a good PT work from home job in June, I have been very busy making the money to go to Japan this October! I can't believe it's almost two months away!

I wish I could say I have more preparations ready, but in truth, aside from the tickets (which I purchased in June) there is nothing else I can get right now! I can't reserve a guest house room until next month, because for some reason in Japan you can't reserve rooms more than eight weeks in advance. Yeah, no pressure, right? But I am more or less ready to go! I just need October to roll around so I can just get on that plane and jet off to Narita.

(I'm still accepting donations for the trip, by the way! Donations currently go to room and board, train tickets to get around, and a new camera to make sure the photos for the ebook are great! In case you missed it, I'm going to Japan in part

In the meantime, you may have noticed that no novel came out during July! That's because I've been taking my time to make sure that book 1 of JIAI JOUWA is the best it can be. It's still slated to come out at the end of September, and is currently ahead of schedule.Look forward to it!

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