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JIAI JOUWA Character Profile 2: Saya Nemoto

Riding on the coattail's of Jun's profile, we now bring you her main love interest and second main character of the JIAI JOUWA series, Saya. Unlike Jun, who has appeared in various other stories, "Daite." will mark Saya's first official appearance in the canon. I have been promoting her for almost a year now though, so she should look at least a little familiar! (If you've ever taken the character matchmaker quiz at the interactive site and gotten Saya as your match, well, now you'll know who you've been matched with!)

Here we go!

Name: Sayaka "Saya" Nemoto  (根本紗華) (She often writes her first name in hiragana: さやか)
Birthday: February 4th, 1987
Zodiac (Western): Aquarius
Zodiac (Eastern): Rabbit
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Shimane Prefecture
Height: 5'0
Weight: 92 lbs. 
Voice: Medium
Speech Patterns: Neutral


Fave Color: Blues and Greens
Fave Food:  Breakfast foods
Fave Drink: Tea
Fave Music: Whatever is playing anywhere
Clothing Style:  Shorts (or pants if it's really cold) with a T-shirt or sweater.
Hobbies: Traveling, meeting new people, going outdoors


Family:  Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Younger brother
Sexuality: Lesbian
Partner: None
Best Friend: Has acquaintances scattered throughout the country
Occupation(s): Professional WWOOFer, Temp worker
Comes Off As: Hardworking, quiet, analytical
Sub/Dom: Switch, but often initiates things.


Sayaka, who prefers to go by "Saya" as it isn't as feminine, was born in the southwestern prefecture of Shimane, the second least populated prefecture in Japan. Although technically not too far from the metro area of Hiroshima, Saya grew up on the far side of a mountain range and only ever knew her own intimate world growing up, full of farmland, traditional houses, and close-knit communities and families. She also only ever knew the small town, conservative mindset growing up. Her family struggled to support itself with odd jobs and community assistance, fostering an attitude to do little with material things in Saya's early life. During high school, something happened that caused her to drop out and eventually leave her tiny rural town. 

Fed up with the life her community tried to feed her, Saya decided to see the rest of Japan and modern society on her own terms. She quickly became a professional "WWOOFER," or someone who does odd jobs around the country in exchange for room and board - and in Saya's case, a very modest payment that covers her costs to get around. Her forte is working on rural farms like the ones she grew up around. Basically, anything that lets her do some physical labor outdoors is something she loves. 

Saya does not typically cultivate close relationships. She learned from an early age that most people and their ideologies are not to be trusted, so she keeps her friendly acquaintances at a safe distance  and does not let them know her too well. Therefore she has many "friends" she can visit and crash with across Japan, but no one she would call a true confidant. 

When she's not WWOOFing in the mountains of Hokkaido, the seasides of Kyushu, or the fertile plains of Chubu and Shikoku mikan groves in between, Saya bides her time in metro areas like Nagoya, Osaka, and sometimes Tokyo, where she stays with acquaintances and does temp jobs if she's staying for more than a month. 

Saya may not have many long-term goals or ambitions, but she does have one thing: the fact that she lives for no one but herself, an idea that never occurred to her while growing up in Shimane. However, she is not opposed to leaving some roots in one place for a little while - as in maybe once every other month "a little while." Traveling is in her blood, and the thought of settling down anywhere for more than a few weeks is near traumatizing. Saya is not the type of woman to give up her freedom to be on her own and discover the world at her leisure. Not even for love.


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