Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plan Of Action: Tokyo Trip!

Crazy thing? This makes total sense to me.
It's October, which means I am about twenty days away from leaving for Japan for my one month excursion! In case you're new or haven't been paying attention these past few months, the main purpose of this trip is to create a fun photo guide for the REN'AI RENSAI universe, focusing on neighborhoods, foods, objects, and other unique things found in the series that you can't find outside of Japan. Not all of my readers will ever visit Japan, let alone Tokyo, so I would LOVE to make sure I cover something that you would be interested in!

So as I am putting together my photographic itinerary, I want to make sure that I get what YOU would like to see! Comment below if there is any place or thing in particular you would like to see get a photo and a mention in the special book, and I will try my hardest to make it happen!

The following are the places I am DEFINITELY going to in the Tokyo area, so they're already covered!

  • Kita, where Reina and Aiko live
  • Shinjuku, particularly Ni-chome
  • Minato, where Reina works
  • Suginami, where Aiko grew up
  • Adachi, where Reina grew up
  • Nikko, where everyone and their mother vacations
  • The schools that inspired Reina's places of education
  • The school that inspired Aiko's university
  • Shibuya
  • Shrines and Temples
  • General everyday life in Tokyo (something you want to see in particular?)
  • f o o d
Sadly I can't go to Hokkaido or Nagoya this trip, guys! Maybe next time~


  1. Would you be able to gather the homes that most inspired you / resemble the main characters homes?

    I'd also love to see the different train stations they frequent the most! I'm obsessed with hubs, not so much the trains themselves, but all the shops involved. (Nagoya and Sakae stations were my f a v o r i t e things, haha.)

  2. Hilariously enough, I was up all night last night deciding which train station in Kita looked most like the one in my mind. ;)

  3. So happy you'll be going to Tokyo after all, Hildred. My first wish was for train station photos, too--what is it about trains?? Just finished reading Katamoi today and really enjoyed it! Since you'll be there in October, any chance of visiting a street festival like the one in the book? It would be nice to see some views of those. Oh, and thank you for the soundtrack link to Bonnie Pink, great tunes. Have a great journey!


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