Friday, December 13, 2013

This Just In: Jet Lag Is Not Conducive To Working

I figured I better write something here before y'all assumed I was dead.

Well, for a while there I felt pretty dead. I am very used to getting jet lag whenever I come back from Japan (doesn't help I travel for 36 hours and arrive home at... 12pm...) and this time was no different. Ever be fine one moment and then just PASS OUT the next, as if you've never slept a wink in your life? That was me for about two weeks there. So it wasn't very good for me getting work done late like I usually do... and I usually blog pretty late. Darn, spent all my waking time working on books. How dare I!

But you're probably wondering what's going on with the photobook project! At the moment I have decided to let it rest until after the holidays when I can start working on it. I am not going to give it a release date until I'm mostly finished, but I'm going to start rifling through my pictures soon and figure out where to go from there. I'm looking forward to it!

Also, everything else is currently on schedule for this month. "AITAI." is still planned to go out at the end of the month! If you would like to read an exclusive preview, be sure to be signed up for my monthly mailing list! It's a bit late this month thanks to me literally sleeping some days away, but it's going out tomorrow!

That's it for now. I've got a new draft to start working on, because I know how much this series means to you guys!

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