Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hubpages Wednesday: More Fairies For Your Boys

This week's Hubpages dump is brought to you by ZELDA AND MORE ZELDA. I got rather inspired by the last (first) one I wrote and decided to make a mini-theme out of it. I'm writing a total of five Legend of Zelda hubs before moving on to other topics - so far I'm at four, with hopefully the fifth to be out by the end of the weekend.

Anyway, we've got a range of Zelda topics here today, so if you like the game at all, you should find at least one of these interesting!

The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline: Reading and Understanding It - Since the official timeline came out in late December, lots of people have been confused exactly how it works. I did my best to explain.

Top 15 Most Iconic Legend of Zelda Songs - Because this game's got great music. You heard?

Top 10 Legend of Zelda Easter Eggs - Did you know you could beat Ganondorf with a fishing rod? Well, now you do. And you should. Go do it, that is.

Next week will be one more Zelda article and hopefully one more TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEME~ article. But I guarantee it will be adorable. And fuzzy.

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  1. Did someone say Zelda?


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