Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hubpages Wednesday: So I hear you like Fairy Boys

So much happiness...over 'shrooms.
This week's Hubpage from yours truly is the first of three/four planned about The Legend of Zelda video game franchise.

Because it is the greatest franchise ever.

In particular, this week I am talking about the Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games as parsed by myself, reviewers, and fandom in general. Hop on over and give it a read if you're interested in decent video games - your childhood kinda commands it.

Spoiler: The picture on the left is not the weirdest one you will see on there. Seriously. There's weirder stuff than owls, giant spotted eggs, a pantsless hero jumping for joy with a sharp object in his hand, and a Mario knock-off freaking out over mushrooms.


  1. I haven't bought a video game in years but the last three I bought were Zelda games.

  2. Because you, sir, have good taste.

  3. One was Twilight Princess and the other two were classic Zelda games for the GBA. My dad still plays the shit out of the original Zelda on the GBA player for the Gamecube.


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