Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hubpages Wednesday: All Hail the Queen

To celebrate over nine years of me stannin' the crap out of this amazing woman, I bring you Ayumi Hamasaki: The Queen of Japanese Pop Music. Don't let her initial squeaky vocals fool you - not only is she the most successful female singer in the history of Japan, she's also incredibly thoughtful, talented, and omg gorgeous brilliant. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Want some new music? Why not give her a shot?


  1. Ayumi grabbed my attention when I was about sixteen. I've seen fallen away from that kind of music entirely, although I do have a chapter or two starring her music in a club scene.
    I've had this bombastic version of "real me" in my head for as long as I remember and I fixed it to a scene where the story begins to shift.
    What's your favorite Hamasaki song?

    I loved the work she did when collaborating with the people who greated Angellic Layer.

    1. My favorite Ayu song is evolution, although I love many of her songs.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "people who greated Angelic Layer". Do you mean created? If so, I don't think Ayu has ever worked with CLAMP. You might be thinking of HAL who did the theme song, but all HAL did for Ayu was arrange and remix some of her songs.

    2. Ayu never worked on Angelic Layer?
      Hmmm... that's what you get for downloading your music from Limewire.

      She never participated in greating "Ame Agari" and "The Starry Sky?"
      Are you sure?
      I'm prepared to defend this absolute truth through shouting and screaming if I must.

      And yes...
      I do actually mean "created," and not "greated" or "greating." Take solace in knowing that your blog is the first blog the spirits of spell-check never thought to accompany me to.

    3. Yes, I am absolutely sure. =P The Starry Sky is the biggest hit of HAL (the group, featuring the singer HALNA) and Ame Agari is by Moeko Matsushita who only released 4-5 singles way back in the day. (and now I really wanna go listen to that song). Yeah, Limewire is notorious for mistagged music. Another song Ayu gets mistagged for all the time is a DDR song called Butterfly.

      Here's a list of all her songs up through 2011 (doesn't seem to be updated for the album she just released this week)

    4. Know your Ayumi well, you do, young Masta.

    5. do I get more points if I tell you I wrote my bachelor's thesis about her =P


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