Saturday, March 24, 2012

Survey Time! Did you hire a professional editor before self-publishing?

...Well, just as the subject says. I know that  vast amounts of you use beta readers, but I rarely see talk about hiring professional editors (who are quite expensive, of course) before taking the self-publishing plunge. So my curiosity is going lyke w0. Feel free to say whether yes or no in the comments.

Did you hire a professional editor before self-publishing anything?


  1. So, I have not self-published... but I'm interning for an agent right now... and... having looked at a couple hundred manuscripts (or samples of) so far, I cannot speak highly enough of hiring a professional editor to a. overview your book (to make sure there are no structural flaws) and b. line-edit your book... because you and your beta-readers may not catch everything. Every little flaw eats away at your credibility as an author and can really ruin your readers' experience of your work. Why not invest the time/money necessary to make sure your writing is AWESOME instead of passable?

    1. That's pretty much how I feel. I mean, we all think we're pretty awesome at critiquing (for the most part), but I'd also like a person who does this day-in-day-out help out too. I've worked with a professional editor before and it was invaluable.

  2. I guess I fall on the other side, though currently I'm not considering self publishing and if I was I'd run it by a professional editor.

    However, since I'm going the traditional route I don't feel the necessity to get it professionally edited. I have eight betas/CPs who are brilliant and honest, though not brutally so. A few of them have representation and/or are in the process of getting it.

    We'll see what tune I'm singing after a few years, but for right now I'm very happy with my CPs/Betas :)

  3. I have published without critique, either professional or partnership, but took my time editing my first work! As it was my first book, it probably is not up to the standard of my writing now, but I am still comfortable with it as an end product. I have just started to critique for another writer on a non-professional basis and she seems happy with my accounts of her work so far!
    As an avid reader, I am shocked by the number of books published through publishing houses which have been passed through vigorous editing but still errors can be found within them!
    So in the end does it really make a difference, if you are capable of being thourough with your own editing, why pay money for a professional if the job is not being done properly anyway!

  4. I haven't had anything published yet, but if I was self-publishing and could afford it, I'd definitely use a professional editor.

  5. I haven't had anything published but I saw a tweet from an editor the other day, saying someone had asked her if it was worth editing before publishing. She said it was like being asked if it was worth showering. Didn't specify hiring an editor, of course, just emphasizing the importance of editing. I think writers need to give their work the best of their own attention in the editing process. It might be tempting to hire someone in hopes they will fix everything but it doesn't always work like that. Then, it's up to you if you want to hire someone in addition. I don't think it's something that has a super advantage on one side over the other. It all comes down to preference and what works best for you and your manuscript.


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