Friday, March 30, 2012

Winner of the Critique Contest

As some of you may recall, I held a 20 page critique contest (raffle, really) in honor of 200 posts! Although only a few people entered (and thank you to all that entered! I didn't expect anybody to, bwahaha.) that's still a few enough to have us a raffle! So the tickets were counted, the numbers were shuffled, and the randomizer decided that the winner was...

Morgan B. the winner! 

Congrats Morgan! I'll be asking for your 20 pages for critiquing in the coming days! Thanks again to all those who entered, and who knows! Maybe for #300 I'll actually have something to give away! Bwaha.

No Friday Flash this week. Sorry~


  1. CONGRATS Morgan. Ah, heck I would have entered if I had something ready. :)

  2. Congratulations to Morgan, very cool! :)

  3. Congrats Morgan! This is what I get for avoiding blogger for a month. *sigh* I totally missed out! =P

  4. Awesome! For a moment I saw my name and got excited, LOL. :D

  5. Did I enter this? My flu-fogged mind forgets.
    Either way ...



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