Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly Writing Check-In: lol editing.

I...I have no better subtitle than that. Seriously.I mean, just the usual editing junk. Finally made it up to chapter 8 in Rebirth which is where I left off last time before Nano made me go "LOL U" at it until this past month. So that means back to serious editing, full of "omg i can't believe i worded it that way make it stop", SEARCH AND DESTROY, and generally watching the word counts go down a couple thousand. Joy.

Meanwhile, still writing on Revenge. Only a few hundred words before going to bed, but it keeps me busy on it. Editing is technically more important right now but I do love me some writing before bed.

ANYWHOZERZ I have a small announcement! This is  post 198, so you know what that means! Sometime this week (probably Tuesday) will be the 200TH SUPER PARTY POST and YES there will be a contest / nice prize to celebrate 200 entries of this blog! So be sure to check that out this next week!

There will also be internet cookies.

Now I have your attention.



  1. Yay! Internet cookies!!! And yay for 200 posts. I have no idea how many I'm on, but it can't be even close to that.

    You're making great progress on your work. Good for you.

    My goals will be changing now. One manuscript is done. Let the querying begin.

    Now time to start the next one. :)

  2. Nothing wrong with that subtitle :-)

  3. ah... I totally know what ya mean about the editing wilderness... Ah. I have to make time to do more of that. Def been hiding and pretending it doesn't exist :)

    1. I don't mind the editing wilderness, except the only time I really have to edit is late at night when my brain goes "nope, too much thinking."

  4. At 200 posts, the Blogger fairy visits you. However, she'll make a mess of your bathroom before she leaves. She's just not as nice as everyone thinks.

    1. It can't be a worse mess than I leave it.

      I'm just excited a woman's coming over.


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