Saturday, July 21, 2012

In which I take a break from cleaning.

Those of you who may be wondering how the great desk/shelf clean is's going well. Slow, but well. I've got my desk completely organized how I want right now and it's making me happy. I've got most of the floor done and the shelf isn't going to get much better although it's still kind of a mess. Not much I can do about it though when I own an apartment's worth of THINGS and am storing them all in a tiny bedroom at the moment. (I own about 500 CDs and intend to display them all someday...lofty ambitions.)

Ah, now for a writing, I ain't got one. Other than I'm hanging out at Goodreads (MUST...NOT...COMMENT ABOUT...DISGUSTING DEBACLE...GOING ON THERE...) a lot right now and could always use more friends! I am so addicted to the trivia feature and it's been fun watching my ranking go up. I'm currently about to hit the 4000s. Booyeah~ It's so easy when half the questions are about Harry Potter anyway.

For reasons I won't talk about until tomorrow's check-in post, I'm at a lost of things to do at the moment. It's weird, and I'm not sure I like it. Oh well, I'll tell y'all about it tomorrow!

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  1. I think you did great! As for the shelf: too tidy=too much time wasted on tidying it every day :)


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