Sunday, February 3, 2013


(No, I am not getting married, before the OMFG U STR8 NOW? comments start flooding in~) This week is a rather silly, ironic week. Mainly that this is the week I will officially attempt to reenter the work force in order to pay my monthly loan bills for this degree I just had to have, (That's gotten me super far in life. Mm-hmm. Lost generations, and all that.) I have to do this because, while I'm not making chump change at self-publishing, it's still not enough, and I'm almost all out of savings. I could make thousands of dollars overnight but wouldn't be able to pay bills next month because of the way Amazon delays payments. BUT today I DID wake up to find more sales in the past three days than I ever made in one month last year. Amazon has been nice to me today. Not only did it finally set ROUMAN to perma-free, but it also finally linked up the DAISUKI paperback and kindle versions. Yay! Still, this is Amazon. I don't expect it to last long.

This will also be the week I launch a new (lesbian erotica) pen name, focusing on short and to the point works as opposed to my plot and character driven heavy erotic romances I write under my real name. More on that later as I get closer to the release date of the first work. I still have some tax stuff to talk over with my trust tax lady.

Tomorrow, or possibly Tuesday, I will be unveiling the SUPER SECRET PROJECT I've been working on since December. Ren'Ai Rensai fans should get a huge kick out of it. But that's all I'll say about that for now!

Now excuse me, I have a resume to go brush up.


  1. Good luck with work. I find the US system very harsh. In Australia you don't have to start paying back for uni education until you earn a certain amount. So if you don't earn enough you never have to pay it back.

    Amazon is so whack. I had all sales dry up in the middle of last month and I think it was because they changed my categories.

    1. Yeah, you usually get about six months to a year after graduation before you have to start paying back. You can defer federal loans (most of mine are private though) but it racks up interest and you can only do it for 3 years usually.

      Otherwise I'm 100k in debt and being forced to pay 1k of it a month. It's a great and happy time~ FY America~

  2. Good luck with your new job! Student loans are a killer. Hopefully you have something that will still let you write some though?


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