Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing Share a Saturday, or, LET MY BLOG BE YOUR BLOG~

I couldn't resist.
Hey everyone! I'm here to announce a new feature over here at Musings of a Procrastinating Author: SHARE A SATURDAY,, or, a chance for you to feature yourself on my blog for a Saturday!

Have a new book coming out?

Have an older book with stagnating sales?

Looking for an opportunity to write guest posts?

Come to my blog and promote yourself / write a guest post to generate interest! I don't mind! I don't really do anything on Saturdays around here! Really, I'm just looking for a way to give back to all you awesome people, whether it's signal boosting or just getting your name out there. I wish I could do this on my own, but there are only so many hours in the day and it's easier to just approach me about it! (Seriously, it really is, lol.)

So if you're interested in taking over my blog for a day to promote your writing (any genre and age range fine!) just drop me a line in the comments or email me at hildred @ gmail (no spaces) and we'll work it out! Feel free to spread the word too. I'm open~

First post will be this Saturday...assuming there's any interest!


  1. Great idea. Now if I could think of something to blog about...

  2. I would if I had more experience on guest posts or had books coming out. I am guest posting for the first time in sept, let's see how it goes.
    Thanks for the visit. Sorry, I didn't respond earlier.

  3. Hi Hildred. I'm a new follower. Just found your blog through Kyra Lennon's. I'd definitely love to take part in SHARE A SATURDAY, since I just launched a crowdfunding campaign that could really use all the promo it can't receive to get the word out. What's the procedure for apply for a guest spot...?


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