Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jumping on the Notebook Bandwagon Today

Spiral Bound Chaos.
I've noticed a pattern across the Authory Internetz (official term!) today, one that I think I should jump in on ANY TIME NOW. Anyway, on blogger, on twitter, on forums, probably on tumbllr too, the big thing the past couple of days is sharing our notebooks. (Is this an actual thing or just one big coincidence?) Either way, to the left is a picture of all my notebooks I use for writing. Now, I don't actually use notebooks that...much. I mostly just use notebooks to write down very brief outlines to get me through the Nano months. (Of which we are up to three a year now. Yay.) But eh, here's a quick and dirty breakdown:

Pink Notebook - Bought at Wal-Mart, it currently contains the ongoing outline of CROSS//Process. I don't know what the second part will hold, yet. But it's two subject so it's got room for additions.

Large Orange Notebook - Bought at Seria in Japan. It's the well-worn notebook containing the still ongoing outline for CROSS//Revenge. Well-worn because it's been toted around and handled by Japanese chilluns (including one who tried to nom on it) and so, so many stains from all my Sunday dinners at Coco's Family Restaurant (I miss that place!)

Tiny Orange Notebook - Bought at a bookstore in Japan. This is my "catch all" notebook that I carry in my purse at all times, mostly for jotting down Real Life notations and contacts. But the front part is the "idea bank" for ideas I have randomly that I'll probably never use. No seriously, their are some awful ideas in there. No. Seriously.

Fancy Looking Orange Notebook - Bought at Seria (DOLLAR STORE BTW) in Japan. The actual writing space on each page is tiiiiiny so I can see why it cost a dollar now. Anyway, this is my Hubpages / General article writing notebook. I put my article ideas down in here so I can whip it out and go "wait what should I write about now".

So that's my life with notebooks. Oh, and that orange pen came from Japan too. Everything orange in that pic came from Japan.

Looking for a blog post idea? Apparently we're supposed to post about our notebooks today.

OH AND OF COURSE can't forget my "other" notebook...

God I hate this thing. Not Pikachu, though.


  1. Those are beautiful! I seriously can't imagine being so organised, you're amazing. All my notes are jumbled together (I did at least put them all in a folder recently), and they all start off in a tear-off notepad that fits in my back pocket and cost 15p from my local supermarket. Not much to look at!

    And hello to Pikachu. :D

    1. Oh I am most definitely not organized overall, haha. For one thing, it ttook me a half hour to find all that crap up there. I can't even keep track of them :(

      Pikachu says hi back :D

  2. This is neat! I would do this if I knew how to upload photos to my computer lol. I have a million notebooks, some of which I will never ever write it (the fancy, leather-bound ones mostly) and some of which have a million short stories and doodles in them. I keep buying more and more notebooks for this latter purpose, and it's starting to get a bit ridiculous...

    1. Maybe one day if you ever get super desperate for money, you could sell those leather-bound ones for some quick bucks =P


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