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The second (and for now, final) installment of the JIAI JOUWA spinoff series is out today! Check out the blurb an an excerpt below!

Ten years ago Saya escaped a forced marriage in the house of Hara, granting herself the freedom to follow her will. And for ten years she has been content to live a life of near poverty and menial labor in exchange for being the master of her own destiny. That was until she met Jun, the hotel heiress who stole her heart and taught her what love and protection could feel like.

Now Saya finds herself torn between two worlds: her girlfriend's reality, comprised of formalities and endless wealth, and her own head, which pulls her to the isolation of the Japanese countryside. Jun wants her to settle in the city, yet Saya is not sure she can live with the pressures to conform to high society.

In the midst of this dilemma is the one thing Saya wants more than anything else - a divorce from the man who tried to ruin her life. But the leash connecting her to the Haras runs long, and Saya soon finds that her heart's call of "Aitai," or "I want to see you," not only echoes for Jun when they are apart, but for the people who forced her to become the woman she is today.

"AITAI." takes place from October, 2013 - May, 2014


            “Let’s get out of here,” Saya said, resting her chin on Jun’s shoulder. “I’ve always wanted to make love in front of a fireplace.” No better time than when they were staying in a cabin with one of those very things.
            “And you say we’re Westernized?”
            “What? Haven’t you done it before?”
            Jun scoffed. “In front of a fireplace? No, I can’t say I have.”
            Saya lifted herself out of her seat so she could nip her teeth against her girlfriend’s earlobe. Do anything to her ear and she’s mine all night. Indeed, Jun shuddered and placed her hand on Saya’s thigh. “There you go. First time for everything.”
            Ehhh.” Jun put down her wine glass. “Oh, that reminds me. I have something for you.”
            Saya echoed her girlfriend’s ehh as Jun reached into her inside jacket pocket. She pulled out a little black felt box, the kind coming from…
            All of the flirtations, the naughty desires disappeared from Saya’s system the moment she recognized such a box. Don’t you do it. Not here. Not in a place like this. Not in front of these people. Not ever! Saya looked around, wondering if any of the other Isoyas saw this. No. They were all preoccupied. Deliriously preoccupied.
            Oi, what’s that look for?” Jun touched Saya’s chin. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
            “Jun…” Saya scooted away from the table, almost knocking over her wine glass.
            A lurch forward and Jun caught it, rousing the attention of Fujiko from across the room. The older woman studied her niece’s table with mild interest before conjuring a laugh for the man whose lap she sat on.
            The black jewelry box remained on the table. Jun snatched it up and opened it without the fanfare Saya expected from a proposal, or a “just because” gift that cost millions of yen.
            Inside was a keychain.
            Nani kore?” Saya settled back into her seat, taking the box from her girlfriend’s hand. Jun looped her arm around Saya’s chair, and by extent her shoulders, leaning next to her and pointing to the charm on the chain.
            “I found this while cleaning out some things in my condo. Do you know what it is?”
            Saya picked up the keychain, fingering the charm. It was some kind of Chinese character, looping and lining a single word that Saya could not read. She didn’t know if that was because she was a high-school dropout or because she didn’t study archaic kanji like her girlfriend did.
            “It’s an old kanji for au. Before it was simplified to the one we use today.” Jun’s slim finger outlined the parts of the keychain that represented the modern kanji, taken straight from this older one. “I don’t remember why I got it a long time ago, but I want you to have it.”
            Nande?” Saya didn’t mean to indirectly reject her girlfriend’s gift, but she didn’t get it.
            “Because when you’re gone, I want you to know that I want to see you.”
            Jun drew lines down the length of Saya’s short hair while her girlfriend stared at the charm. “Aitai,” she said beneath her breath. Just what she needed. A constant reminder that she missed her girlfriend.
            “Here, give me your cell phone.”
            “What? Why?”
            “Because that’s what you do with charms, silly.”
            Saya stared at her through the corner of her eye as she dug into her bag and pulled out her cell phone, currently turned off. As it has been since I met up with her. Jun snatched it from her hand and looped the string of the keychain through the tiny hole notched into the plastic case.
            “There.” Jun dangled the keychain in front of Saya’s face. “I should give you presents more often.”
            She wrapped both arms around Saya and brought her in for a kiss, the heaviest, and hardest in front of the family like that. No, no you really don’t have to give me presents. Saya endured the kiss until Jun pulled away and drank the last of her wine.
            It took a few more kisses and covert touches to the thigh and beneath her shirt to make Saya remember what she wanted again. Her. I want her. Not presents, not desserts, not even a rug in front of a fireplace, which she was only half serious about. No, all she wanted was Jun, the woman she missed when they were apart. Not that she needed more reminders of that.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cover Reveal for "AITAI."!

With only a week before its release at the end of the year, it's time to reveal the cover for "AITAI."!

It's probably the most subtle cover I've had yet for a novel, and I absolutely love it. :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

This Just In: Jet Lag Is Not Conducive To Working

I figured I better write something here before y'all assumed I was dead.

Well, for a while there I felt pretty dead. I am very used to getting jet lag whenever I come back from Japan (doesn't help I travel for 36 hours and arrive home at... 12pm...) and this time was no different. Ever be fine one moment and then just PASS OUT the next, as if you've never slept a wink in your life? That was me for about two weeks there. So it wasn't very good for me getting work done late like I usually do... and I usually blog pretty late. Darn, spent all my waking time working on books. How dare I!

But you're probably wondering what's going on with the photobook project! At the moment I have decided to let it rest until after the holidays when I can start working on it. I am not going to give it a release date until I'm mostly finished, but I'm going to start rifling through my pictures soon and figure out where to go from there. I'm looking forward to it!

Also, everything else is currently on schedule for this month. "AITAI." is still planned to go out at the end of the month! If you would like to read an exclusive preview, be sure to be signed up for my monthly mailing list! It's a bit late this month thanks to me literally sleeping some days away, but it's going out tomorrow!

That's it for now. I've got a new draft to start working on, because I know how much this series means to you guys!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

OUT NOW! "FURIN." a Ren'AI Rensai Short!


Approximately 12,500 words.

Aiko has never had many crushes in her life, but when she does crush, she crushes hard - like for Haruka, the woman who once stole spouse Reina’s heart for a night. Unable to explain her desires for the tomboy, Aiko nevertheless embraces the moment when she is paired with Haruka at a key party event. But how will she convince the young woman that there is nothing “furin,” or adulterous, about their union? All of Aiko’s years of life in the swinging world is about change the lives of one couple forever!

"FURIN." takes place in October, 2013., in tandem with “YARIKON.”


Haruka looked at the wall, hands tossing in her lap. She’s probably wondering what her girlfriend and my spouse are up to. “Aiko-san,” she said, still turned away, “it’s not that I don’t think you’re a pretty woman. You’re very attractive. Well, my heart belongs to my girlfriend. I came  here tonight because she wanted to come. She said she wanted us to try something new in our relationship. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone along with it.”
          “Nothing you two do tonight could take away from the fact that you love each other.” Aiko wrapped her fingers around her neck, massaging the ache in her muscles. “She’ll love you as much when you leave as she did when you two came here. The sex people have at these parties… well, every couple has their reason for coming. Some actually get off having someone else paw their partner once in a while.” God knew Reina was like that.
            Haruka flinched. That’s not what she wants to think about. “Why do you and Reina-san come to these things?”
            “Ah.” Aiko snorted. “My spouse comes because she likes being with many women, and having me be with many women as well. It’s her nature. I knew that when I got into a relationship with her. I admit, in the beginning I came with her because I wanted to make her happy. In those instances, I wouldn’t let her go with someone alone. I wanted to be with her. Now I come to these things for my own desires as well. Like you love yours, I love my spouse with all my heart. She’s my partner, and she’ll be mine and I hers until the day we die. But we don’t believe that exploring our sexualities with other women diminishes our love for one another. It’s about honesty and being open when it comes to our sexual desires. It’s easy with Reina. I feel like I could talk to her about anything in the realm of sex and what I want.”
            Haruka listened the entire time, her head slowly turning back toward Aiko again. “I guess it’s never something I thought about before.”
            “When I was your age, I hadn’t either. It’s taken me many years to fully embrace that part of me that can be like Reina.”
            “It feels so… furin to me.”
            Aiko froze. That word – adultery – was not one she took lightly. Just a few months ago she felt that such a transgression occurred when Reina slept with Haruka without permission. “Haruka-san,” she said gently, fighting with her gritting teeth to retain her composure, “furin is when you go behind your partner’s back and lie to them. When you want to hurt them, or don’t care about their feelings. None of the couples here are committing furin.
            “I know that. I have no qualms about how couples define their relationships. I mean, I admire your and Reina-san’s relationship.”
            Haruka did not say anything more.
            “Anything you do here is something you can share with your girlfriend.”
            Still, she said nothing.
            Aiko gathered her bearings. “Haruka-san, I am very attracted to you.”
            Not a single word came out of Haruka, but she did make one sound. A tiny gasp huffed out of her throat, but she managed to check her pursing lips and widening eyes. I almost missed that. Aiko could push her luck further.
            “I would very much like to have sex with you.”
            A cymbal, a boulder, even a car could not crash into Haruka and budge her from that spot she planted herself in. But Aiko’s words did make an impact. Haruka’s pink cheeks became deadly white, and her eyes glazed over, full of the thoughts and implications of what Aiko just said. Was that a bit forward of me? She smirked, hiding it behind her fingers.
            “Aiko-san…” Haruka tugged on her jacket sleeves. “I had no idea….”
            “Why not? You are too humble. You’re a beautiful young woman, Haruka-san. You have good style, and a great figure. And by all accounts I hear, you’re an all-around great lay.”
            “I’m sure your girlfriend agrees with me.”
            “I… I don’t know what to say.”
            “Then don’t say –”
            “Other than I am attracted to you as well.”
            Aiko closed her lips.


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Back in America!

Just a short blip to let everyone know that, after technically two days (but on the same day! woah!) I am back in my home in America, smattered with jet lag. I'll get back to work really soon, and you can expect a new release this Friday! (Only about a week late. Oops.)

Also! Stay tuned throughout December for a whole slew of flash giveaways! Make sure you pay attention to this blog, my tumblr, and my Facebook for flash paperback giveaways! You won't want to miss them. ;)

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"TOKOIRI." is free until Monday! (Last Chance ever!)

Until Monday TOKOIRI will be FREE on Amazon!This is your last chance to ever grab it for free, so get it while it's hot! (And it totally is!)

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99 cents this week! NANPAKAI / CHINSEKI bundle.

For this week only, NANPAKAI / CHINSEKI will be a part of the Kindle Countdown Promotions, meaning it will be a nice 99 cents as opposed to $3.99!

Grab it while it's hot! (And trust me, it's hot. We're talking about my favorite RR shorts here!)


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Checking In And Checking Out

Hey all! Thanks for all the kind messages I've received from all over the web regarding my trip. For those of you who don't follow me on social media, I made it to Japan a week ago and am doing fine! More than fine, if you count that the photobook is coming along nicely! Check out some of the previews below!

You can see more every day on my tumblr and my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Off To Japan!

Tomorrow morning I will be flying off to Japan to take the photos for the Ren'Ai Rensai photo guide! I will be posting photos along the way both on my tumblr (hildred) and my Facebook fan page (authorhildredbillings, also on the left here.) So feel free to follow either one!

I will hopefully be checking in soon from Tokyo. Until then, see ya!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OUT NOW! "TSUREKOMI." Volume 1 of the REN'AI RENSAI SHORTS paperbacks!

I'm please to announce that the first of a few REN'AI RENSAI SHORTS paperbacks are now coming out! The first includes the popular shorts "NANPAKAI." and "CHINSEKI." along with the bonus short story "TSUREKOMI." Check out the blurb for the new story below!

The morning after her wild night with new friends, Jun comes to the conclusion that she never wants it to end. But can she convince Reina to be her new tsurekomi buddy, or the one woman she will bring to her hotel every time she’s in town? Let the convincing begin.

Again, this story is only available in this paperback release!

I hope you have enjoyed these stories as much as I have!

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The Winner Of The Ren'Ai Rensai Paperback Giveaway Is...

Congratulations to Lydie for winning the Ren'Ai Rensai Paperback Giveaway! She managed to beat out all of the other entrants to receive all five paperbacks in the Ren'Ai Rensai series!

For those of you who didn't win, don't fret! The moment I get back from Japan this Thanksgiving there will be another giveaway of another kind! Maybe more! I've got a lot of plans to help you win this year. ;)

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OUT NOW! "Yarikon." a REN'AI RENSAI short

It's been a while since there has been a two-parter in the shorts department, so let's fix that up! ;) Part one of this duo, "YARIKON." is now out on Amazon. Part 2, "FURIN." will be out a month from now.

In this duo, I am finally delivering what MANY of you have been asking for! Odds are, you know what I mean. ;) And if you don't, read the blurb below to get a big hint!


It’s been over a year since Reina and Aiko last attended a “yarikon,” or a key party hosted by their friends. Reina especially has looked forward to this evening, as it gives her the chance to meet new women for some extra-marital fun. However, fate finds ways to ruin her night by pairing her with one of the only women she swore she would never think of in that way! It’s Reina’s conscience versus her fantasies, and as her wife Aiko knows, that always leads to a night to remember!

"YARIKON" takes place in October, 2013.



The basket appeared in Haruka’s lap. “Select you and your girlfriend’s fate, Haruka-san.
            No tomboy had ever looked so innocent, so woefully childlike in that instant. Haruka stared into the basket as if she were reading bones from an oracle. Briefly she looked up and gaped right at Reina. Do you remember? Seven months since they did it in a love hotel, when Haruka was intermittently single and Reina was on a bad decision-making spree. That was water under the red wooden bridges now, but… oh, Haruka remembered. Those round cheeks and full lips remembered what it was like to be pinned beneath Reina. Well, I would do her again. But that was before she knew Haruka dated Kaori, the one woman Reina had no desire to touch.
            Ara, she’s nervous!”
            Laughter sprung up around the circle at Haruka’s expense. The tomboy took it in stride – somewhat. She was too busy turning sheet white to notice anyone laughing at her.
            Finally, she stuck her hand in the basket, closed her eyes, and pushed the keys around in a jingle-jangle of metal. The other women sipped their wine in anticipation, each pair of eyes calculating what it would be like to bed Haruka or her girlfriend. Aiko squeezed Reina’s hand harder than ever. “There’s only a twenty percent chance,” she reminded her spouse. No shit. Reina was the math whiz between them. She didn’t need Aiko to tell her that.
            The moment a key popped into Haruka’s hand, Reina knew she had wasted 5,000 yen to be there that night and do nothing with no one. She clenched her wine glass and ignored Kaori’s gasp of petulant horror.
            Ho! She drew Reina-san and Aiko-san’s key!” Mayumi slapped her hand over her mouth and hooted into her palm.
            More laughter filtered into the air, but Reina didn’t think wasting so much money was a joke. There goes our kinky night out. The idea of sleeping with either Haruka or Kaori was… no, there was no word for it. Although she enjoyed her fling with Haruka back in March, there was too much drama to go with it. Never mind the fact Kaori was still in coworker territory. People joked that Reina could see any woman sexually, but Kaori was different. Yes, she was pretty. Yes, she was nice. But she still represented one of the few lines Reina never allowed herself to cross in her fulfilling sex life. Screwing either of them would be more awkward than it’s worth. 5,000 yen down the proverbial drain.
            She caught Ami’s eye and received a “Maybe next time?” shrug.
            Ano, Mayumi-san…” Kaori leaned forward and cocked her head so she met the gaze of her work supervisor. “Would it be impossible for us to…?”
            “No re-draws.” Mayumi snatched the basket from Haruka’s lap and pulled out that couple’s key. “That’s the rule!”
            Stupid rule. Mayumi probably did this on purpose. Reina shoved her elbow onto the sofa arm and pushed her hand into her hair. Nails grazed her scalp as she stewed in her resentment.
            With only four couples left the next drawing sealed the room’s fate. Ami pulled out Mayumi’s key, to the sounds of remaining laughter, whistles, and Reina grinding her teeth. Honestly, she would have taken Mayumi over the pair of silent kids sitting on the other side of the circle. Mayumi had no strings attached to her in the bedroom.
            The next phase of the evening began with breaking up into three groups based on who was paired with whom. Ami left Reina’s side to join Mayumi’s girlfriend, while Mayumi went to fill up the snack bowl. Reina leaped up and cornered her hostess in the kitchen. It would not be the first time she confronted her about the issue of Haruka and Kaori’s presence at something that was supposed to be fun.
            “Don’t start with me.” Mayumi poured pretzels into the bowl. “I don’t know what you have against those kids. I thought you liked them young.”
            What is she implying? Just because Reina was forty she was supposed to cradle rob? Sure she and Aiko fooled around with women twenty years younger every great once in a while, but she would hardly say it was her inclination. She preferred women who were experienced enough these days. From what she knew about Kaori’s relationship, she was anything but.
            “You don’t have to do it with your ex-coworker, you know. You can sleep with the other one.” Cheese crackers joined the pretzels. If only Mayumi knew about Reina’s liaison with Haruka before, but that was a dirty secret. No one knew except the two women involved and Aiko. Not even Kaori knew, last Reina heard. “Or you could, ah!, not do it with anyone!” Mayumi picked up the snack bowl and returned to the group.
            Reina stomped back to the abandoned circle, where only Aiko and the young couple remained – respectfully apart. Haruka kept her eyes glued to the ground while Kaori blushed in Aiko’s direction. To her credit, Reina’s wife was a picture of patience. Yet the way she slumped her shoulders indicated she knew this night was over before it began. She was looking forward to this too. All Aiko talked about the night before was how long it had been since they last came to a key party, before rehashing stories of their previous encounters in this suite. Most of those were group affairs, but tonight was going to feature a clean divide in their mutual conquests.
            “I tried to clear this up,” she said to Aiko, loud enough for the other couple to hear. “She is adamant that it can’t be changed.”
            “Of course not. That would be too convenient.”