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  1. Hildred,
    Merry Christmas.
    I follow your Musings blog and saw with interest your recent post about the=
    trials of self publishing. I just put my first novel on the market and tho=
    ught perchance you might not know of this venue for publishing.
    Friends in the Riverside Writers Group I'm a member of mentioned Bookbaby.c=
    om as a method to self publish. My novel, Golden Gate, written under my pen name of DP Tolan, just became available through ; Sony; and Barnes and Noble as an ebook. has an introductory offer for $99.00, which isn't a great deal of moolah for reformatting as an ebook for mult=
    iple sales outlets. Additionally they offer an ISBN for $19.00 as part of the offer. It seems to work and I recommend you take a look see if that approach appeals to you.
    Keep up your musings.

    PS - Your email address doesn't work

  2. Thanks Don! I replied to your email (it does work, by the way :P)


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